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June 8-10, 2004 -- Introducing...Beau Carlisle Thacker!!! I have finally uploaded all of the pictures that I took. Once you click on each picture you will see a small "[add comment]" underneath it. Please, please, please add a comment to the pictures you like. So that way I know you were here and saw them!

April 7, 2004 -- Here is another addition to the family, my cousin Neil and his wife Kelly had a little girl... Lola Grace Carlisle!!!

March 2004 -- My cousins Travis and KC took a flight for their birthdays, here are some pictures from the outing.

Dec 2003 -- ???? -- Here are some pictures of the addition to Josh and Meredith's House

July 26-29, 2003 -- Here is out kitchen getting transformed to "Southern Beauty Red"

July 11, 2003 -- We have a new member of the family. Lucy Marie Thacker was born around 10:00 am on July 11, 2003. She is the third(!) daughter of Todd and Angela and joins sisters Shelby and Audrey.
  • Click Here for some pictures that Todd took
  • Click Here for some pictures that Charlotte(or Grammy) took!

We bought a new couch, before and after

Oct 9, 2002 -- Couple of pictures of Evan's Little Leauge Baseball Game

Dad and Grandma's Trip to Oshkosh Airshow -- Here are some pictures of Dad and Grandma's trip to Oshkosh. The trip was from July 20 to July 28, 2002

April 27, 2002 -- Here are some pictures of the Field Trip that Evan's Kindergarten(password protected till I get clearance from the school)

April 20, 2002 -- Some really good pictures of Evan's Soccer game. He scored in this game!!!!

March 9, 2002 -- Birthday Party for Grandma, Josh, Me, Jessica, and Darby. When you get that many Thackers under one roof, something funny is bound to happen!

December 25, 2001 -- Here are some pictures of Christmas Morning at Erin's house!

January 20, 2001 -- The birth of Audrey Marie Thacker. This is my oldest brothers second daughter. Todd and Angela have a knack for producing really cute daughters.

January 2001 -- Here are some pictures of when Brandi and I bought our first house! Yeah!
I am going to scan in a floor plan, and put some arrows on it so you can see what direction the pictures are taken from.

July 8, 2000 -- Here are some pictures of Brandi and I's wedding. These pictures were graciously taken by my good friend Kevin Knight

Here are some pictures from a one Mr. John Crowder and his trip to Alaska, there are also two emails that go with the pictures. Here and Here

Here are some other fun pictures

Since I play the mandolin, I am trying to get my picture with some of the great mandolin players. I still need Sam Bush, and of course, David "Dawg" Grisman. Here is me with Chris Thile of Nickel Creek
Chris Thile
Here is me with Mike Marshall Mike Marshall
Here is me in my "natural" environment! My wife took this picture, and I thought it was so good that it made the front of my pictures page. Notice that I am sitting in between two computers and playing the banjo, you can see a little bit of code on my white board and my badge from the 2000 Linux Showcase. You can also see my penguin in front on the linux box!