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NOTE: The shaded verbs are irregular.

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abandonar to leave, abandon
--> acordar (ue)(se) to agree, resolve, remember, recollect
--> acostar (ue)(se) to go to bed
actuar to work, operate*
agradecer to thank for, grateful for*
--> almorzar (ue) to have lunch
andar to go, cover, travel (car)*
aprender to learn
atender to attend, look after*
avanzar to advance*
ayudar to help


bailar to dance*
buscar to look for


cambiar to change*
caminar to walk
cantar to sing*
casar (se) to get married
causar to cause*
cenar to eat dinner
colgar to hang up (telefono)*
--> comenzar (ie) to begin
comer to eat*
comprar to buy
comprender to understand
--> conocer (yo conozco) to know
--> conseguir (i) to attain, succeed (yo consigo)
--> contar (ue)(se) to count, relate, tell
--> contener (ie)(yo contengo) to contain, hold
contestar to answer, reply
--> convencer (yo convenzo) to convince
correr to run
creer to think, believe*
cruzar to cross*
cubrir to cover*



--> dar to give (yo doy)
deber should, ought to, to owe
--> decir (i) to say, to tell (yo digo)
decidir to decide, convince, persuade
dedicar (se) to devote, dedicate
dejar to leave
desayunar to eat breadfast
descansar to rest
descubrir to discover
desear to want/wish
--> despedir (i)(se) to say goodbye
--> despertar (ie)(se) to wake up
dirigir to direct*
disfrutar to enjoy*
--> divertir (ie) to entertain*
--> dormir (ue)(se) to fall asleep


embarcar to embark
--> empezar (ie) to begin
--> encontrar (ue)(se) to find
enterar (se) to find out about
entrar to enter, go in*
escapar to escape
escribir to write
escuchar to listen
esperar to wait, hope
--> estar to be
existir to exist
extrañer to miss, banish*


fastidiar to bother, annoy*
formar to form, shape


ganar to win, gain
gozar to enjoy*
gustar to like, please*


--> haber to have (aux verb)
--> hacer to do, to make (yo hago)
hipnotizar to hypnotize*
horrorizar to terrify


imitar to imitate*
intentar to try, atempt, intend
invitar to invite*
--> ir to go




leer to read*
levantar (se) to get up
luchar to fight*


llamar (se) to call (telephone)
llegar to arrive
llenar to fill, cover
llevar to take,care,wear
llorar to cry, weep


marcar to mark*
mencionar to mention*
mirar to look at, consider*
molestar to bother, annoy*
--> morir (ue) to die
mostrar to show, to point out*
mudar (se) to change, move




--> oír (y) to hear(yo oigo)
olvidar (se) to forget


pagar to pay (for)
parecer to appear, seem, look like*
pasar to pass, endure, carry over
--> pedir (i) to ask for
--> pensar (ie) to think, consider
--> perder (ie) to lose
perdonar to forgive, pardon
pesar to weight (fig.)* "a pesar de" in spite of
--> poder (ue) to be able, can, may
--> poner to put, lay, place (yo pongo)
--> preferir (ie) to prefer
preocupar to worry*
preparar to prepare, get ready*
probar to try, sample (food)*
prometer to promise*


quedar to remain, stay*
--> querer (ie) to wish, want


recibir to receive*
--> reconocer (yo reconozco) to recognize*
--> recordar (ue) to remember
regalar to give (present)*
regresar to return, go back
revelar to reveal, disclose*


--> saber (yo sé) to know
sacar to recieve (grades)
--> salir to leave (yo salgo)
--> seguir (i)(yo sigo) to follow, persue, continue
--> sentar (ie)(se) to sit down
--> sentir (ie)(se) to feel, express, grieve, regret, mourn
--> ser to be
servir to serve*
--> sonar (ue)to sound, ring (teléfono)
--> soñar (ue)to dream
sorprender to suprise, astonish*
subir to rise,climb,go up,ascend
sufrir to suffer*


--> tener (ie, yo tengo) to have
tocar to touch, feel, knock(door), ring(bell), play (instrument)
tomar to eat, take
trabajar to work
--> traer to bring (yo traigo)
tratar to treat, deal with*
tutear to address with tú


usar to use


vender to sell
--> venir (ie)(yo vengo) to come
--> ver to see (yo veo)
--> vestir (i)(se) to get dressed
viajar to travel
visitar to visit*
vivir to live
--> volver (ue) to return